Monday, January 16, 2012

I should have made mindfulness one of my goals

On Saturday, the mister was teasing me about how I’m always losing things. He challenged me to find all three sets of my car keys, two of which are perpetually “misplaced.” I was actually (surprisingly) able to locate them within a few minutes and presented them to him with a smug look on my face.

On Sunday, I got up and prepared to go to the gym for a yoga class and a short run on the indoor track. I was hurriedly throwing stuff into my gym bag, and I couldn’t find my running shoes! I did a quick search of the only three places they could be in the house – not there. “Oh no!”, I thought, “I must have left them in the locker at the gym yesterday.” I checked at the front desk upon arrival at the gym, and no, there were no size 9 ½ ladies Sauconys turned in. I did a tour of the change room, looking for them in vain. At that point, I was berating myself for losing a $100 pair of almost new running shoes. And that’s when I began to think, “Debbie, you really must be more mindful. If you had double checked the bottom of the locker before leaving yesterday, you would still have your shoes.”

A couple of weeks ago, I had googled “how to manifest anything.” You see, I’ve been looking into the whole law of attraction thing to help me with my retirement plans. One of the websites I found directed me to say “I command”, followed by what I want to manifest. So yesterday, in the women’s change room at the gym, I said, “I command to find the Saucony running shoes that I had at the gym on Saturday and that I can no longer find.” When I got home, for some reason, I thought, “I’ll take a look in the spare bedroom closet”, and lo and behold, there were my missing running shoes. I have no idea why I would have put them in that closet; I have never, ever put them in that closet, but there they were. So I manifested the return of my shoes!

But, if I had been more mindful in the first place, they never would have been lost.

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