Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The First Roadblock (literally)

So yesterday, I got my gym clothes ready in preparation for a session at the gym before work this morning. In the afternoon it started to snow. I checked the weather forecast, and saw a storm warning. We could get up to 40 cm of snow within 24 hours. The mister and I shovelled the driveway after supper and hoped for the best. We woke up this morning to about a foot of snow (Not sure how many centimetres are in a foot. I’m always mixing up my metric and imperial measures). 

The old me would have spent $10 to park in the underground lot in my office building to avoid cleaning my car of snow after work, but the new me didn’t want to use $10 of my $50 monthly allowance on parking, so I drove to my usual outdoor lot, left my car out in the blizzard, and walked about a km to the office (it's uphill both ways). As a reward for that, the universe gave me a clean car when I got back to it after work. All of the snow had blown off of it during the day.

It cleared up enough for me to get a run in with my group this evening, so all was not lost fitness wise, but it did nothing to help me with my goal of getting to the gym. Oh well, when you live in Canada, you have to be flexible. I’ll try again tomorrow. Welcome to winter.

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